Track your cashflow and plan your budget with ease.

Tracking cashflow and planning your budget is an essential factor when you want more money in your hands. BudgetFriend helps you with different reports and goals you can set.

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Who we are?

BudgetFriend strive to be your best financial friend.

We will help you track your income and expences so you know where the Black Sheep is. A lot of companies have tried making a nice profit, but when looking closer, all money disapear to different expenses. We will help you prevent exactly that.

Income Tracking

You can create different incomes, view deatils and track by day, week or month.

Rich Reports

Keep track of your financial status with realtime expence and income rish reports.

Manage Accounts

View your account balance and payments due with different of categories and sub categories.

Reports of your income and expenses made easy.

With Income Reports you can track your income from different categories and subcategories. Everything can be exported as .csv, pdf or you can use the integrated graph in BudgetFriend to get a full overview of your economy.

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Design and UX that ensures your app will be loved and used.

Now you can save money with a software that is simple, intuitive and precise. We understand the hassle of managing business finances. That’s why we’ve created a tool that supports business owners, big and small, in a whole new way.

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How It's Work?

Your Process


New account

Setup your account and get started. Our support will help you with any questions.


Income tracking

Fill out you different incomes and unpaid invoices to get an overview of your economy.


Manage Accounts

View and track your balances and cashflows in one place with our graphs.


Set and reach goals

Set your goals or dream to achieve with "set goal".

Getting Started

Let's Make Something Great!

Get started today with BudgetFriend with a 3 days paid trial for only €2. You can then use our system fully in those 3 days. After 3 days we will deduct the full membership price of €69 if the trial is not cancelled.

Getting Started
Pricing Plan

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/ Mo

Simple Budget

  • Reports builder
  • Data-driven automation
  • Track your history
  • Customer service
Best Value


/ Mo

Advanced Budget

  • Everything in standard plan
  • Comprehensive scheduling
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Priority customer service

Do you need help?

If you need help you can contact our customer service every day. We always strive to give you the best customer service. Do you have questions for our service, or do you have questions for your account setup? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service department.

Hardcore software

You don’t have to pay an accountant to do the job anymore. Save money with the ultimate business tracking software from BudgetFriend. We have incorporated new and exciting features that offers you the option of adding multiple expense and payment modes on the go. You can access it anywhere, any time.

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